[IronPython] Cannot find ScriptDomainManager in IronPython 2b1 Microsoft.Scripting

Peter Schott paschott at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 22:10:52 CET 2008

Finally getting to play around a little with the latest beta and
working through the Tutorials.  When I try to issue:

from Microsoft.Scripting import ScriptDomainManager

I get an error because it's not there.  Here's a dir(Microsoft.Scripting):
>>> dir(Microsoft.Scripting)
['ActionOnCallAttribute', 'Actions', 'AmbiguousFileNameException', 'ArgumentType
Exception', 'Ast', 'CompilerContext', 'CompilerOptions', 'EngineOptions', 'Error
Counter', 'ErrorSink', 'FunctionType', 'Generation', 'Hosting', 'IAttributesColl
ection', 'IValueEquality', 'Math', 'None', 'ParamDictionaryAttribute', 'ParserSi
nk', 'PerfTrack', 'PlatformAdaptationLayer', 'Runtime', 'ScriptCode', 'Severity'
, 'Shell', 'SourceCodeKind', 'SourceCodeProperties', 'SourceCodePropertiesUtils'
, 'SourceLocation', 'SourceSpan', 'SourceStringContentProvider', 'SourceUnit', '
SourceUnitReader', 'StreamContentProvider', 'SymbolId', 'SymbolTable', 'SyntaxEr
rorException', 'TextContentProvider', 'Tuple', 'Utils']

Am I calling the wrong library?  Am I missing something really basic?
My sys.path is only pointing to the latest beta, the Lib folder, and
my Python 2.5 lib folder.

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