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{ran_emo} Instead of posting my PyCon talk slides, I've turned them into a series of articles instead, which should be easier to follow. All the examples are available online and for download. This is everything you need to get started with IronPython and Silverlight 2. {sm;:-)}

All the articles, demos and downloads can be found at: `Voidspace IronPython and Silverlight Pages <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/index.shtml>`_.

You can experiment online with the `IronPython & Silverlight Web IDE <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/webide/webide.html>`_.

There is also a prototype of my `Interactive Python Interpreter in the Browser <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/interactive.shtml>`_. Due to a bug in the *current* Dynamic Silverlight binaries it can't handle indented blocks. I expect Dino will be able to post fixed binaries soon. If you want to help me make the Javascript cross-browser then get in touch! (Currently it is safari only I think.)

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    {title;The Articles}

These articles will take you through everything you need to know to write Silverlight applications with IronPython:

* `Introduction to IronPython & Silverlight 2 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/introduction.shtml>`_
* `The Structure and Contents of a Dynamic Silverlight Application <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/silverlight_application.shtml>`_
* `Getting Started: Minimal Examples of IronPython and Silverlight <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/minimal.shtml>`_
* `The Silverlight APIs <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/silverlight_api.shtml>`_
    Exploring the Core-CLR that comes with Silverlight. This includes accessing the browser DOM, working with XAML, creating controls, the video player, accessing server resources, using local storage and more.

* `From Silverlight to Javascript and Back Again <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/scriptable.shtml>`_

    Interacting with Javascript from IronPython code is easy, but needs a bit of C#. This article shows you how to do it - including compiling the C# from the command line (without Visual Studio installed).
* `Embedding IronPython in a C# Silverlight Application <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight/embedding_ironpython.shtml>`_

* `Interactive Python Interpreter in the Browser`_

    An interactive Python interpreter that runs in the browser, inside an HTML textarea. Great for documentation and tutorials where you can try the code in the browser.

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    {title;Downloads & Online Examples}

You can download several of the examples used in the articles:

* `View Minimal IronPython Example 1 Online (with XAML) <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/minimal/index.html>`_
* `Download Minimal IronPython Example 1 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=MinimalIronPythonProject.zip>`_
* `View Minimal IronPython Example 2 Online (pure-Python) <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/minimal2/index.html>`_
* `Download Minimal IronPython Example 2 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=MinimalIronPythonProject2.zip>`_
* `View IronPython Controls Example 1 Online (from XAML) <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/controls/index.html>`_
* `Download IronPython Controls Example 1 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk//cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=IronPython-Controls.zip>`_
* `View IronPython Controls Example 2 Online <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/controls2/index.html>`_
* `Download IronPython Controls Example 2 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=IronPython-Controls2.zip>`_
* `View Simple Animation Example Online <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/animation/index.html>`_
* `Download Simple Animation Example <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=IronPython-animation.zip>`_

The easiest way of experimenting with the Silverlight APIs is through the Web IDE:

* `View IronPython & Silverlight Web IDE Online <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/webide/webide.html>`_.
* `Download IronPython & Silverlight Web IDE 0.5.0 <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=webide.zip>`_.

The following downloads use C#:

* `Visual Studio 2008 Project Using the Scriptable Attributes <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=ScriptableProject.zip>`_
* `Compiling C# from the Command Line (batch file) <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=csl.bat>`_
* `Embedded IronPython Project <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=EmbeddedWithCodeBehind.zip>`_

One of the most exciting things about Silverlight 2 is the possibility of embedding an interactive interpreter inside web pages:

* `View Interactive Interpreter Online <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ironpython/silverlight-console/console.html>`_
* `Download Interactive Interpreter <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cgi-bin/voidspace/downman.py?section=python&file=interpreter.zip>`_

If you find any bugs, typos or missing links then please let me know.
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