[IronPython] JScript Absent from Dynamic Silverlight

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Mar 22 21:02:43 CET 2008

Michael Foord wrote:
> Jimmy Schementi wrote:
> [snip..]
>>> When I use Chiron to build apps that include the extended controls (!?)
>>> it fails because of the absence of the Microsoft.JScript.Runtime.dll.
>>> When I add this dll it succeeds but doesn't include the dll!
>> Creepy! The extended controls definitely shouldn't depend on Microsoft.JScript.Runtime.dll! Can you send me a repro of that? John(s), any idea what the hell is going on here?
> I'm getting some more obscure oddness with Chiron - both under Windows 
> and on the Mac. I'm not sure if it is reproducible though.

I wonder if Chiron tried to reference the JScript binaries because the 
app directory had a '.js' file?

In either case I have completely failed to get Chiron to do 'the right 
thing' with creating my 'xap'
files and ended up building them by hand.

The pattern I used was to have 'Chiron.exe' (with all the assemblies etc 
that come from dynamicsilverlight.net which is the version I'm using) in 
a bin subdirectory. I was using it on Windows Vista and added the bin 
directory to the path. I would then invoke it in the following way:

    chiron /d:path/to/example/app /x:another/path/to/output

It would create 'xap' files, but not put the assemblies *or* a manifest 
in them. I gave up trying to use it.


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