[IronPython] JScript Absent from Dynamic Silverlight

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 24 14:18:12 CET 2008

On 3/22/08 1:02 PM, "Michael Foord" <fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk> wrote:

> Michael Foord wrote:
>> Jimmy Schementi wrote:
>> [snip..]
>>>> When I use Chiron to build apps that include the extended controls (!?)
>>>> it fails because of the absence of the Microsoft.JScript.Runtime.dll.
>>>> When I add this dll it succeeds but doesn't include the dll!
>>> Creepy! The extended controls definitely shouldn't depend on
>>> Microsoft.JScript.Runtime.dll! Can you send me a repro of that? John(s), any
>>> idea what the hell is going on here?
>> I'm getting some more obscure oddness with Chiron - both under Windows
>> and on the Mac. I'm not sure if it is reproducible though.
> I wonder if Chiron tried to reference the JScript binaries because the
> app directory had a '.js' file?

That'd be it! If you don't have a AppManifest.xaml file in your app, it'll
look at the extensions of all your script files to figure out which language
assemblies to include in the XAP. If you do have an AppManifest.xaml, it'll
just include the ones in there.

> In either case I have completely failed to get Chiron to do 'the right
> thing' with creating my 'xap'
> files and ended up building them by hand.

That's crappy, sorry! I'm writing a blog-post to detail all the *features*
of Chiron. Trust me, it's not as creepy as it seems.

> The pattern I used was to have 'Chiron.exe' (with all the assemblies etc
> that come from dynamicsilverlight.net which is the version I'm using) in
> a bin subdirectory. I was using it on Windows Vista and added the bin
> directory to the path. I would then invoke it in the following way:
>     chiron /d:path/to/example/app /x:another/path/to/output
> It would create 'xap' files, but not put the assemblies *or* a manifest
> in them. I gave up trying to use it.

So, /x is not the correct flag =) For python/ruby/jscript, you only need to
flags below "Dynamic Language Options" ... the other ones are only really
used by Visual Studio (don't ask =)).

The correct flag is /z[ipdlr]. If you run Chiron like this:

Chiron /d:path/to/example/app /z:another/path/to/output/app.xap

It will generate app.xap with the correct assembles and AppManifest.xaml in
it. That's great for 1-off xap generation. If you just want to work on an
app and don't want to xap every-time, just run Chiron in the app directory
like so:

Chiron /w

And it'll automatically xap a directory when you ask for <directory>.xap.

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I thought the documentation in Chiron was good enough, but an accompanying
blog post would have prevented a ton of frustration, I'm sure. Sorry about
that again, and I'm get that blog post out asap.

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