[IronPython] JScript Absent from Dynamic Silverlight

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Mar 24 14:20:54 CET 2008

Jimmy Schementi wrote:
> [snip..]
>> The pattern I used was to have 'Chiron.exe' (with all the assemblies etc
>> that come from dynamicsilverlight.net which is the version I'm using) in
>> a bin subdirectory. I was using it on Windows Vista and added the bin
>> directory to the path. I would then invoke it in the following way:
>>     chiron /d:path/to/example/app /x:another/path/to/output
>> It would create 'xap' files, but not put the assemblies *or* a manifest
>> in them. I gave up trying to use it.
> So, /x is not the correct flag =) For python/ruby/jscript, you only need to
> flags below "Dynamic Language Options" ... the other ones are only really
> used by Visual Studio (don't ask =)).
> The correct flag is /z[ipdlr]. If you run Chiron like this:
> Chiron /d:path/to/example/app /z:another/path/to/output/app.xap

So I was just doing it wrong. :-)

That sounds entirely plausible. I'd better update the tutorial with the 
correct usage pattern. Thanks Jimmy.


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