[IronPython] Question about serialization

Paul Turbett sls at iinet.net.au
Tue Mar 25 13:56:58 CET 2008


I'm using IP as a scripting engine in a C# app. I have various Python 
classes that derive from a C# base class, and have there own additional 
data & functionality.

I would like to be able to serialize instances of the Python classes 
from the C# host for persistence across sessions. Using the standard 
BinaryFormatter with the Serializable attribute is not working - I get 
an error about the python class not being marked as serializable (the C# 
base class is marked as serializable though).

How can I serialize python objects from C#? Should I use reflection to 
roll my own serializer, or is there something in one of the lesser 
documented assemblies like Ops I should use?

I'm using IP 1.1.1 (but will move to 2.0 if that will help). Any 
pointers & advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Paul

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