[IronPython] deepcopy() in IRONPY

Bernd Viehmann bernd.viehmann at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 26 16:04:00 CET 2008


i am news to this list, so let me give a short introduction of myself.

My name is Bernd from Aachen in Germany (near the border to Netherlands and
Belgium) and I am working with python for some time now. In the moment i am
shifting some of my old python-scripts into ironpython because the "normal"
python will not be installed on our 64bit windows servers. Ironpython as a
Microsoft-product is more welcome in the eyes of our customer.

So my (first) question regarding copy of object-instances:

How can i use the copy-module-functionality in ipy? Is there something
comparable in DOT.NET? Are a modern way to copy instance-data instead of

Thank you very much and kind regards.

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