[IronPython] deepcopy() in IRONPY

Dave Fugate dfugate at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 27 17:56:29 CET 2008

We sort of have a similar problem with respect to IronPython tests - the tests we ship on CodePlex need to run without dependencies on standard CPython libraries.  What we did for the case of the 'copy' module was to reimplement the functionality needed in pure Python.  For example, a naive implementation of copy.deepcopy might look like the following:
def copy(y):
    if type(y)!=list:
            return y
    ret_val = list(y)
    return [deepcopy(x) for x in ret_val]

Hope that helps!

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Hi Curt,

thanks, but I am not allowed to install FePy on the Production-Server. So I need a solution with pure IronPython ;-).



2008/3/26, Curt Hagenlocher <curt at hagenlocher.org<mailto:curt at hagenlocher.org>>:
On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 8:04 AM, Bernd Viehmann
<bernd.viehmann at googlemail.com<mailto:bernd.viehmann at googlemail.com>> wrote:
> How can i use the copy-module-functionality in ipy?

Have you tried just using the py files that ship with CPython?

You can get a distribution of IronPython that incorporates these files
from Seo's FePy project at http://fepy.sourceforge.net

Curt Hagenlocher
curt at hagenlocher.org<mailto:curt at hagenlocher.org>
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