[IronPython] Creating Python classes in IP2

Paul Turbett sls at iinet.net.au
Sun Mar 30 11:59:49 CEST 2008


I'm attempting to update an application framework that uses IP1.1 to use 
IP2b1. In the framework, I create python objects that are derived from 
C# classes, so I can bind to an interface at compile time. I do this 
from C# by executing the .py file that defines the class, getting the 
class as a UserType from the module globals, and using Ops.Call to 
create an instance.

I've looked through the DLR hosting spec, and experimented a bit, but I 
can't see how to get the same thing working with DLR hosting. So, how do 
I create instances of python classes from C#?

Thanks, Paul

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