[IronPython] Missing Merlin\Main\Hosts\Silverlight\SilverlightVersion.cs

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Mon May 5 23:34:06 CEST 2008

> Michael Foord wrote:
> Ah well. There are exciting changes for Silverlight in IronPython that
> I
> am eagerly awaiting...
> At least this gives me a nice quote to prod you with post SLBeta2. ;-)

That it does. We're having talks today over email about how to align all this stuff and get builds out that always work on the released version of SL.

> It was a great blog entry by the way: many thanks. Posting something
> like that along with the new release, or shortly after, would have been
> a good thing. As you say, often the 'why' matters.

Very true, consider it a rookie mistake. =P If I had only seen that email earlier ...

> Well - posting revisions as quickly as the IronRuby guys are pushing to
> the Rubyforge repository would be fine. (Even revisions that haven't
> gone through your whole test machinery - at least this way you could
> get
> fast(er) community feedback on changes.) Ah well, I can dream...

Yep, very true. The tough part is having the language's repositories be "buildable" on the currently released version of SL; where our test infrastructure makes sure we build against a semi-daily build of SL.

Post SL Beta2 we may just freeze the Silverlight version we build against to Beta2. Like I said, me and some other folks are trying to figure out the least painful way to do this.


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