[IronPython] IronPython + IronRuby + Known DLR Build

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Mon May 26 00:56:22 CEST 2008

You could treat it like plugins.

that is have a rubybin folder and a pythonbin folder

Load the correct assemblies in a different appdomain execute your code  
there and get the result back.

For Michael this idea isn't new :) I'll that later this week in our  
dynamic script control to see how that works out.
Any other more simple and elegant solutions are welcome of course


On 26/05/2008, at 9:58 AM, Michael Foord wrote:

> Hello Ben,
> I don't have an answer, just to say that I have the same problem.
> For our 'Dynamic Script Control' project we would like to develop  
> (and test with) for both IronPython and IronRuby.
> This makes project structure "problematic".
> I realise that at some point this will be a non-problem, but in the  
> meantime if anyone has any good ideas I'd like to hear them...
> Michael Foord
> Ben Hall wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Posted similar message onto IronRuby but I thought I would also ask
>> you guys. My scenario is that I need to host IronRuby and IronPython
>> within the same application. I thought this would be easy as they  
>> both
>> are based on the DLR.
>> However, you both appear to be at different stages of the DLR life  
>> and
>> building against different sources.  Is this the same internally? At
>> the moment I can't see a way I can build both IronPython and IronRuby
>> from the same DLR assemblies?
>> At some point, I take it the DLR will merge into a single release and
>> known assembly for other language providers and hosts to use instead
>> of multiple different versions?
>> In the mean time - what can I do?  Is anyone doing this?
>> Thanks
>> Ben
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