[IronPython] Extension methods in python

Marty Nelson Marty.Nelson at symyx.com
Fri Nov 7 04:18:25 CET 2008

I actually want to use an object instance of a .NET custom class that I
pass in before the script is invoked from c#.  Our current scripts look
something like:


row.PropertySet["Foo"]["Bar"].Value = x


and it would be much better if script authors could write:


row.Foo.Bar = x


So I'm looking to have an on the fly function read the metadata of
expected keys and then code generated python class wrapper for the
script author to consume. 



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Marty, from what I understand you are passing a variable into python
engine and want extension methods there? You can use something like

import clr
import System

class MyString(System.String):

  def ToFoo(self):
    return self.upper()+' FooBarBaz'

a = MyString("Hello world!");
print a.ToFoo();

That would print "HELLO WORLD! FooBarBaz.

You can't put methods on System.String though, but you can create new
object from System.String...


2008/11/5 Marty Nelson <Marty.Nelson at symyx.com>

Is there the equivalent of extension method in python?  I want to put a
variable into the script scope and create extension methods for it.
Does this make sense and is it possible?


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