[IronPython] clr.AddReference and derivatives

Dan Eloff dan.eloff at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 19:06:08 CET 2008

There's half a dozen add reference methods in the clr module, I'm
guessing they all have their differences, but I'm not really sure why
you would use one over the other. I generally try AddReference first,
if that doesn't work I try it using the strong name, failing that I
fall back to AddReferenceToFile. Could someone please shed some light
on these methods?

I've got a .NET assembly that wroks great with IronPython, but I've
been having difficulty building it for silverlight. Using reflector
I've managed to verify that I'm building it with all the correct
references for silverlight. However, it still won't load. All the add
reference methods fail: IOError: Assembly could not be loaded.
(paraphrasing as this is not a development pc.) I'm guessing that
descriptive error is the fault of the CLR assembly loading code, not
IronPython. If anyone has any idea why this might happen, or something
I could try in pursuit of knowledge of the same, I'd be grateful.


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