[IronPython] Looking for Iron Python presenter/trainer

Marty Nelson Marty.Nelson at symyx.com
Fri Nov 14 18:37:32 CET 2008

Now that we have integrated Iron Python as a major extension point for
our products, I'm looking to up the IP IQ of our developers, QA,
support, and services people.


Most people are coming from C# background.  I'd like to bring someone in
for a day or so session that would cover:

1.	Introduce basic Python syntax, concepts and best practices.
2.	Cover issues around creating and access .NET objects in Python.
3.	Cover any other .NET/IP integration points that would be
relevant to our situation.


We have 3-4 different sites around the US/Europe were I was looking to
run this session.


I would also be interested in someone who could review our current
implementation and offer feedback and suggestions.


- Marty Nelson

Symyx Technologies Inc.

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