[IronPython] getframe and __file__

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sun Nov 16 18:39:30 CET 2008

Hello guys,

Around 90% of the uses for sys._getframe that I've seen are to find out 
the calling module, by accessing __file__ in the calling frame globals. 
I just wondered if it would be any cheaper to just track this 
information and fake out the frame objects so that this use case is met?

The answer is probably no as it basically requires tracking the same 
information (and I guess that the performance hit comes mainly from the 
thread locals and frame tracking rather than from building the Python 
stack frame objects) - but on the off-chance that it might be cheaper 
(obviously only the tracking needs to be implemented - everything else 
can be built on demand) I thought I would throw it out there.



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