[IronPython] clr assembly reference error in Ipy / Silverlight (but works in ipy)

Nummers danummer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 06:35:23 CET 2008

Just getting going on Ipy / Silverlight and hit a roadblock.

This works on ipy but gives an error w/ Ipy in Silverlight (IOError: Could
not add reference to assembly API.dll).

import clr
from OEC.API import *
from OEC.DATA import *

same kind of error with:
clr.AddReference("API, Version=, Culture=neutral,
and with:
clr.LoadAssemblyByName("API, Version=, Culture=neutral,

Now, this gives no error:
However the imports fail (ImportError: No module named OEC.API

Not too much experience loading assemblies but, as I said, all is well in

Hope I'm just doing something stooopid.

Very much appreciate any help!

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