[IronPython] Event unhooking and IPy2

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Fri Nov 28 12:39:35 CET 2008

Just as a follow up to this - the reason for the hack below is that 
subscribing to events from IronPython is still causing our UI objects 
(and their whole object graphs) to not be garbage collected. This was a 
brute force way of clearing out subscribed events so that unneeded UI 
components can then be garbage collected.

A 'RemoveAll' trick for event handlers, or IronPython's cache of 
handlers to delegates, would save us a lot of work.

Michael Foord

Glenn Jones wrote:
> In Resolver One on IronPython 1, we have code to unhook events that 
> uses an object that is equal to everything like this:
> e = EqualToAll()
> for _ in range(100):
>     event -= e
> What we have discovered when we run under IPy2, is that the __eq__ 
> method on EqualToAll is only called when the target of the event is a 
> lambda, a function or a callable object but not when it's a method.
> Is there a better way to unhook all events or get a list of currently 
> subscribed targets? For the moment, we're going to wrap our event 
> targets in lambdas as a way to move forward, but the whole EqualToAll 
> and arbitrary looping seems a little dirty anyway.
> Thanks
> Glenn & Will
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