[IronPython] Do you use IronPython Studio?

Antonio Cangiano acangiano at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 23:17:00 CEST 2008


I tried IronPython Studio and found fundamental flaws that make programming
with it far from enjoyable. Amongst the annoyances are the lack of automatic
indentation and the fact that the IntelliSense fails to propose a list of
properties for a given control. More severely, I noticed that the IDE wipes
out all the code already written by the developer, if you double click on a
particular event within the Properties window for a control. Also, if you
double click on a particular event in the same window, and then remove the
code for handling the event, in Designer mode you will no longer see the UI
you had laid out, but just a basic form.

My question to the IronPython community is, what do you use? Do you all use
IronPython Studio for designing the UI and then hack away the business logic
with your favorite editor? If so, I think that the current shortcomings of
the IDE may negatively affect the adoption of IronPython itself. I enjoy
Python programming much more than I enjoy C# programming, but after an hour
long session with IronPython Studio I was longing for the comfort of using
the C# IDE.

Thanks in advance,
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