[IronPython] Do you use IronPython Studio?

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Mon Oct 6 09:11:33 CEST 2008


You are right it is not mature. I use it, because the editing and project
handling is ok. I have obstructed a lot features in order to have it work:

- The project management is good as usual.
- The genereated code is not good, so I have obstructed it too.
- The editing is ok
- Intellisense is stopped.
- Tabs ar set to 30 spaces, so I can see the wrong indentions.
- It is possible to debug your own code ignoring with patience a lot of code
not debuggable.
- Two windows can be open at the same as in Emacs C-x, C-2
- Produce compiled Python, which can not be used from the Ipy interpreter.

Missing features:
- Correct intellisense including correct indention.
- Go to defintion should work.
- Debugger have to step over silenty undebuggable IronPython code in
external assemblies.
- The design should produce correct and editable IronPython code.
- A way to interact with running windows.forms once Application.Run() is
called, you can not give any python commands.

I have found it reasonable to write small interactive test with JEdit using
the Ipy.exe  python interpreter on the side (import module - run test C-Z

Looking forward to a new version og the Studio, but the people behind are
busy earning money.

Jan R.

2008/10/5 Antonio Cangiano <acangiano at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I tried IronPython Studio and found fundamental flaws that make programming
> with it far from enjoyable. Amongst the annoyances are the lack of automatic
> indentation and the fact that the IntelliSense fails to propose a list of
> properties for a given control. More severely, I noticed that the IDE wipes
> out all the code already written by the developer, if you double click on a
> particular event within the Properties window for a control. Also, if you
> double click on a particular event in the same window, and then remove the
> code for handling the event, in Designer mode you will no longer see the UI
> you had laid out, but just a basic form.
> My question to the IronPython community is, what do you use? Do you all use
> IronPython Studio for designing the UI and then hack away the business logic
> with your favorite editor? If so, I think that the current shortcomings of
> the IDE may negatively affect the adoption of IronPython itself. I enjoy
> Python programming much more than I enjoy C# programming, but after an hour
> long session with IronPython Studio I was longing for the comfort of using
> the C# IDE.
> Thanks in advance,
> Antonio
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