[IronPython] What's the situation on being able to accept patches?

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 13 22:50:52 CEST 2008

Harry's currently pushing on the lawyers to get this through although he's been a little distracted by PDC.  I certainly hope we can take this back in 2.1 but I can't promise anything.  The good news is that a Michael points out this is the exact sort of thing we want to take back first.

In RC1 you'll be able to put PythonModuleAttribute in your own assembly, add the assembly to a DLLs directory below ipy, and we'll pick it up as a normal Python module.  Then later we can move it into IronPython.Modules.dll when we get the ability to take the contributions.

In the mean time I would assume you just need the FunctionDefinition and Expression exposed off of GeneratorExpression.  Is that right or is it something else?  I should be able to do that for RC1.

For compile I think you could back-patch the built-in modules.  You can add a [SpecialName] void PerformModuleReload(PythonContext, IAttributeCollection) method to your module to know when it gets imported/reloaded and you can then patch builtin.compile with a version of your own which calls the built-in version.

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> The IronPython guys don't yet have permission to accept patches. Permission
> to contribute to the modules will come before contributions to the core
> IronPython - and we are unlikely to be ever able to contribute to the DLR.

I guess the DLR is moving into the CLR so I can see why Microsoft
would take that stance.

I can very easily move everything into IronPython.Modules, (it belongs
there anyway) the patches to compile and GeneratorExpression are so
simple that the IronPython team can rewrite them in under 20 minutes
using my code as a reference. As Michael points out, would that make
it easier?

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