[IronPython] Debugging in VS Expermental Hive

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
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Currently you can't see module globals in the debugger but we are working on improving the VS experience.  You should be able to see locals that are defined in a function though today.

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  A was hoping to get any help on ironpython scripts debugging under Visual Studio 2008 Experimental Hive. The problem is it appears impossible to watch variables in VS IDE .NET debugger apart from the line number ($line) which is somewhat redundant. The setup code is as follows:

        ScriptRuntime Runtime = ScriptRuntime.Create ();
Runtime.GlobalOptions.DebugMode = true;
Runtime.ExecuteFile ( PyFile );

        import System.Diagnostics
        System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break ()
somevar = 'some string'
print somevar

  So when a breakpoint fires I can go through the IronPython script feeded to ExecuteFile in VS IDE with the debugger. However it appears that plain script's variables in the watch window cannot be resolved. I'd hoped to examine the scope of a script but it turned out that the scope is available only after the ExecuteFile call is done.
  So the question is - could it be possible to access scope's variables while debugging with VS IDE debugger?

IronPython's version I am using is


Mikhail Osadnik, Senior Software Engineer
Realtime Worlds Ltd


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