[IronPython] Problem calling proper version of function

Steve Baer steve at mcneel.com
Wed Sep 3 05:01:31 CEST 2008

This may just be how Python works, but I wanted to check with you guys 

Say I have an assembly named MyLibrary that contains the following code:
namespace MyLibrary
  public interface IMyInterface
    string MyProperty{ get;}
  public class MyClass : IMyInterface
    string IMyInterface.MyProperty
      get { return "MyInterface version of MyProperty"; }
    public string MyProperty
      get { return "MyClass version of MyProperty"; }
    public static IMyInterface GetInterface(){ return new MyClass();}
    public static MyClass GetClass() { return new MyClass(); }
A console application with the following code
  MyLibrary.IMyInterface a = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetInterface();
  Console.WriteLine("MyInterface call = " + a.MyProperty);
  MyLibrary.MyClass b = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetClass();
  Console.WriteLine("MyClass call = " + b.MyProperty);

Will produce the following output:
  MyInterface call = MyInterface version of MyProperty
  MyClass call = MyClass version of MyProperty

Now if I use IronPython and write a script that looks like the following

import clr
import MyLibrary
a = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetInterface()
print "MyInterface call = ", a.MyProperty
b = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetClass()
print "MyClass call = ", b.MyProperty

The output of this script is
MyInterface call = MyClass version of MyProperty
MyClass call = MyClass version of MyProperty

I've been testing IronPython on our CAD application and everything has been 
working great except for this issue. It is actually a pretty big issue for 
me because the way I wrapped our C++ SDK for .NET uses this feature quite a 
bit. If this is the expected result in python, is there a way to force the 
interface version of the property_get function to be called?


Steve Baer
Robert McNeel & Associates

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