[IronPython] -X:SaveAssemblies

KE hellosticky at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 20:00:50 CEST 2008


I find it odd that the ConsoleOptions class only has a single FileName
string property. This forces the creation of pyc.py for creating a DLL with
one or more files to compile, whereas I believe the functionality in pyc.py
of creating a DLL from one or more input files should be right in the DLR.
OptionsParser even already has a switch for -X:SaveAssemblies.

IronRuby makes the same assumption. It adds the experimental -save option to
ir.exe, assuming only one input file (with the rest of the args being
arguments). I think it would be unfortunate if then IronRuby would need a
separate irc.rb to mimic pyc.py... rinse and repeat for every other

Are people in agreement and this is just caused because ConsoleOptions
started off as executing one input file with args, and the issue of
compiling to a DLL was unforeseen? Is this planned to be changed? I would be
interested in changing this, so I don't mind doing the coding, but I don't
want to code something that is opposed on some unforeseen philosophical


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