[IronPython] unicode problem with vmware api

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 12 00:41:55 CEST 2008

.NET only has unicode strings as well so that's likely not the problem - it's really just a problem when dealing w/ pre-existing Python code not other .NET code.

Could something earlier be different?  You might be able to get some ideas by looking at diagMgr.BrowseDiagnosticLog.__doc__ if you haven't already.

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Helo ironpython list  ,

I'm trying to use ironpython with the vi-toolkit api for .net
The C# code looks like that:

DiagnosticManager diagMgr = (DiagnosticManager)
client.GetView(client.ServiceContent.DiagnosticManager, null);
DiagnosticManagerLogHeader log = diagMgr.BrowseDiagnosticLog(null,
"hostd", 999999999, null);

I "translate" these lines  in ironpython code:

diagMgr = client.GetView(client.ServiceContent.DiagnosticManager, None)
diagMgrLog = diagMgr.BrowseDiagnosticLog(None, "hostd", 999999999, None)

unfortunately I've got an error on hostd key:

"A specified parameter was not correct. key"

I read that ironpython has only unicode string and I suppose that  the
problem is here.
 is there is a way to transform "hostd" in byte strings ?

thanks for your help.

jean-marc pouchoulon

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