[IronPython] ipy.exe not found -- sorry, haven't programmed on windows since 90s

Thomas Gagne tggagne at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 01:40:52 CEST 2009

I apologize for the next several questions.  I'm want to play with a 
.net library but don't want to doit in C# or VB.  I prefer dynamic 

Anyway, I have a few questions I'm struggling to find complete examples for.

First, in my test directory inside either cmd or powershell, ipy.exe 
isn't found when I enter it on the command line.  I tried changing the 
PATH environment variable:

    setenv PATH=%PATH%;c:\Program Files\Iron Python 2.0.1\

and it shows in my environment, but still when I enter "ipy" at the 
command line it isn't found.  What am I missing?

Second, I need to add the directory with the DLLs of the library I want 
to play with.  I think I need:

    import clr
    import sys
    sys.path = sys.path + ["c:\program files\syncfusion\essential

Does that make sense?

If that's right, then I'm wondering how I can test to see if anything 
loaded, since PdfDocument() can't be found.
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