[IronPython] pywin32 on Iron Python?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Apr 27 18:06:38 CEST 2009

Vernon Cole wrote:
> This is an opinion poll...
> The portion of pywin32 which I maintain, adodbapi, will work in either 
> CPython or IronPython. That was (relatively) easy, since it is written 
> in pure Python.
> Pywin32 is a complete package which allows a python programmer to 
> perform many Windows systems administration functions, or use native 
> Windows features easily in an application program.  While anything 
> which can be done in pywin32 can also be done (perhaps with more 
> difficulty) using .NET code, it seems that it would be convenient to 
> have the same API available in either environment.  This question is 
> meaningful now, since work is starting on a second edition of the book 
> "Python Programming on Win32" and we would like to know how much Iron 
> Python information to include.
> Is there any interest in forking the pywin32 C code into C# so that 
> the entire package can be run in a .NET environment using IronPython?

Providing the same API as a wrapper over C# would *definitely* be of 

My guess is that some of what pywin32 does there is already a .NET 
wrapper available for (although there might be some API mismatch) and 
for a lot you will need to use P/Invoke.

Another approach would be to rewrite pywin32 to use ctypes and then 
pywin32 would run on PyPy, Jython, Python *and* IronPython once Jeff 
Hardy has completed his port...

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