[IronPython] pywin32 on Iron Python?

Dave Fugate dfugate at microsoft.com
Mon Apr 27 20:46:23 CEST 2009

It just so happens that not too long ago we received permission from 
the Microsoft legal team to run pywin32's tests against IronPython.  Late
last week I started investigating which of pywin32's tests are appropriate to
hook into our own source control checkin system.  By this, I simply mean that
future checkins which break an already working pywin32 test would not be allowed
into the IronPython source tree.

I think it's really awesome that Vernon took the initiative of getting abodbapi
running under IronPython, and we would definitely hook up other pywin32 tests
into our checkin system if they run under the latest developmental release of
IronPython (e.g., 2.6 Alpha 1 at the moment).  We'd actually like to able to 
contribute such changes back to pywin32 ourselves, but there are a few legal 
concerns currently holding us back.



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Vernon Cole wrote:
> This is an opinion poll...
> The portion of pywin32 which I maintain, adodbapi, will work in either 
> CPython or IronPython. That was (relatively) easy, since it is written 
> in pure Python.
> Pywin32 is a complete package which allows a python programmer to 
> perform many Windows systems administration functions, or use native 
> Windows features easily in an application program.  While anything 
> which can be done in pywin32 can also be done (perhaps with more 
> difficulty) using .NET code, it seems that it would be convenient to 
> have the same API available in either environment.  This question is 
> meaningful now, since work is starting on a second edition of the book 
> "Python Programming on Win32" and we would like to know how much Iron 
> Python information to include.
> Is there any interest in forking the pywin32 C code into C# so that 
> the entire package can be run in a .NET environment using IronPython?

Providing the same API as a wrapper over C# would *definitely* be of 

My guess is that some of what pywin32 does there is already a .NET 
wrapper available for (although there might be some API mismatch) and 
for a lot you will need to use P/Invoke.

Another approach would be to rewrite pywin32 to use ctypes and then 
pywin32 would run on PyPy, Jython, Python *and* IronPython once Jeff 
Hardy has completed his port...

All the best,


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