[IronPython] pywin32 on Iron Python?

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 01:17:29 CEST 2009

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Dino Viehland <dinov at microsoft.com> wrote:
> The primary difference between IP and IR is just that IP is in the
> lucky spot of getting to push things one step further.  This just
> reflects the reality that other teams within MS have taken a
> dependency on IronPython (e.g. Robotics, Intellipad, and most recently
> Navision - who knows what's next!).  Therefore we get to fight the
> next battle of not only taking back contributions but also then
> redistributing those contributions as part of another MS product.  So
> it's no longer about just us or our peers working on the DLR :(

Ah! I didn't know that. I can see how that would complicate things.

You can't turn a supertanker on a dime, I guess.

> I'll get started on a future releases plan page.  Just as a teaser beta 1
> is about a month away.  We are a little bit shy about announcing
> a particular date - if we said 9/29/2009 or something and got it wrong
> we'd feel a little bit silly.  But we can at least give a better idea
> of the road map (e.g. 2 betas, RC, then release sort of thing which is
> the plan) rather than saying an indeterminate amount of releases and
> we'll ship like we have in the past :)

Just do what the Win7 team did a pick a date so far in the future you
can't miss it. :)

The ~15 2.0 prereleases may have been a bit much, but at least the
releases were predictably every ~6 weeks. If you document how many
prereleases you plan and how long your cycles are, I can do the

- Jeff

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