[IronPython] Docstrings on stuff in clr module

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Apr 30 17:10:51 CEST 2009

Hello IronPython team,

Could we please have better docstrings on some of the stuff in the clr 
module. Specifically:

Module docstring: """ module()
module(dict dictionary)
module(module parent, dict dictionary)
module(module parent, dict dictionary, bool isVisible)

def AddReferenceToTypeLibrary(arg0, arg1):
  """ AddReferenceToTypeLibrary(CodeContext context, object rcw)
  AddReferenceToTypeLibrary(CodeContext context, Guid typeLibGuid) """

class ArgChecker(object):
  """ ArgChecker(Array[object] prms)

def CompileModules(arg0, arg1, arg2, arg3=None):
  """ CompileModules(CodeContext context, str assemblyName, dict kwArgs, 
Array[str] filenames) """

def Deserialize(arg0, arg1):
  """ object Deserialize(str serializationFormat, str data) """
  return object()

def GetClrType(arg0):
  """ Type GetClrType(Type type) """
  return Type()

def GetCurrentRuntime(arg0):
  """ ScriptDomainManager GetCurrentRuntime(CodeContext context) """
  return ScriptDomainManager()

def GetDynamicType(arg0):
  """ type GetDynamicType(Type t) """
  return type()

def GetPythonType(arg0):
  """ type GetPythonType(Type t) """
  return type()

def LoadTypeLibrary(arg0, arg1):
  """ ComTypeLibInfo LoadTypeLibrary(CodeContext context, object rcw)
  ComTypeLibInfo LoadTypeLibrary(CodeContext context, Guid typeLibGuid) """
  return ComTypeLibInfo()

class Reference(object):
  """ StrongBox[T]()
  StrongBox[T](T value)

class ReferencesList(List[Assembly]):
  """ ReferencesList()

class ReturnChecker(object):
  """ ReturnChecker(object returnType)

class RuntimeArgChecker(PythonTypeSlot):
  """ RuntimeArgChecker(object function, Array[object] expectedArgs)
  RuntimeArgChecker(object instance, object function, Array[object] 

class RuntimeReturnChecker(PythonTypeSlot):
  """ RuntimeReturnChecker(object function, object expectedReturn)
  RuntimeReturnChecker(object instance, object function, object 
  def GetAttribute(self, arg0, arg1):
    """ object GetAttribute(self, object instance, object owner) """
    return object()

def Self(arg):
  """ object Self() """
  return object()

def Serialize(arg0):
  """ tuple Serialize(object self) """
  return tuple()

def SetCommandDispatcher(arg0, arg1):
  """ CommandDispatcher SetCommandDispatcher(CodeContext context, 
CommandDispatcher dispatcher) """
  return CommandDispatcher()

def Use(arg0, arg1):
  """ object Use(CodeContext context, str name)
  object Use(CodeContext context, str path, str language) """
  return object()

def accepts(arg0=None):
  """ object accepts(Array[object] types) """
  return object()

def returns(arg0):
  """ object returns(object type) """
  return object()

(Above from the Wing PI file generated for the clr module.)





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