[IronPython] -X:EnableProfiler and DLR hosting API (2.6b2)

David DiCato ddicato at microsoft.com
Wed Aug 5 21:58:53 CEST 2009

You have to pass the required options to Python.CreateEngine, like so:

var options = new Dictionary<string, object>();
options["EnableProfiler"] = ScriptingRuntimeHelpers.True;
ver engine = Python.CreateEngine(options);

Hope this helps,
- David

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Hi all and many thanks to Dino Viehland for answering my previous question re: sys.builtin_module_names and embedding.

I am trying to use the IronPython profiler (http://blogs.msdn.com/curth/archive/2009/03/29/an-ironpython-profiler.aspx) from an embedded interpreter but cannot figure out how to pass the -X:EnableProfiler to my ScriptEngine instance.

    _engine = Python.CreateEngine();
    // prints True

    // throws an System.NotSupportedException

How do I set up the Runtime.Setup.HostArguments before calling Python.CreateEngine()?

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