[IronPython] Reflection.Emit from IronPython: What is the equivalent of typeof() in C# ?

Robert Smallshire robert at smallshire.org.uk
Fri Aug 7 20:46:51 CEST 2009


Here is the solution to my problem, which turns out to be as much a silly
mistake on my part as to how to use the Reflection.Emit API, as it is an
IronPython conundrum.

It turns out the array type for the field, that I was seeing in Reflector
and IL Disassembler was is set by the DefineField call (of course!), rather
than the Emit(Newarr, type) call which simply puts a reference to the new
array on the stack.  The original how-to-do-typeof question still applies,
since this method also takes a type parameter:

Now I've made the change in the right place in my code, I can report that
the following is known to work, a gives a String[] as you would expect in
the generated assembly:


For the record, the following expressions supplied by me and others also


Thank you to everybody for your correct answers, now I've figured out how to
use them, and apologies for any confusion I may have caused by prematurely
rejecting your answers before I'd got my act together.  It seems there are
many equivalents of C# typeof in IronPython.



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> is theequivalent of typeof() in C# ?
> Hello,
> I'm attempting to drive the Reflection.Emit API from 
> IronPython. In C# typical Reflection.Emit use makes use 
> typeof(...) facility in C#, to enable the determination of 
> types without needing an instance of that type.
> For example, to create an array of .NET CTS Strings in IL 
> from C# one might
> do:
> generator.Emit(OpCodes.Newarr, typeof(string));
> where the second argument to Emit is the element type of the array.
> I've tried various alternatives from IronPython, including
> generator.Emit(OpCodes.Newarr, System.Type.GetType('System.String'))
> generator.Emit(OpCodes.Newarr, str().GetType()) 
> generator.Emit(OpCodes.Newarr, System.String().GetType()) 
> generator.Emit(OpCodes.Newarr, clr.GetClrType(System.String))
> however, all of these result in RuntimeType[] rather than 
> String[] in the generated CIL.
> How do I get typeof(System.String) from IronPython?
> Rob
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