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In my most recent blogpost about IronRuby and Moonlight (http://blog.jimmy.schementi.com/2009/07/ironruby-at-oscon-2009-mono-moonlight.html) I say this:

Note: the latest Moonlight stable release will not work for IronRuby, you must install the latest Moonlight build from their build bot:http://sublimeintervention.com:8123/GetFile.aspx?id=11487919

There were some bugs in Moonlight that they had to work out to get Ruby working. I believe Python worked as well, but these were "Silverlight Debug" builds from the IronRuby github source (which includes IronPython) without the "SILVERLIGHT_3" flag; you're right that building against SL3 broke the SL2/Moonlight2 compatibility because we now depend on System.Windows.Deployment.ExtensionPart. I think it makes sence to figure out a way to have the same binaries work in Silverlight 3 and Moonlight 2 without rebuilding, so I'll make sure to get that in to IronPython 2.6.


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Please see this tweet: http://is.gd/22y9D

I'm running the vmware image of the latest opensuse 11.1 with Mono  The Moonlight/Ipy application I was developing acts like it is loading but nothing displays.  It works fine using Ipy 2.6 B1 and Moonlight 1.9.5.  The Clock and Repl python samples (IronRuby 0.9.0 samples) are also broken using Ipy 2.6 B2 and Moonlight 1.9.6 (the latest).  The background for the clock displays but not the control.  The Repl simply does not display.  Additionally, tested against the agdlr 0.5.0 samples:

My thought is that perhaps building against Silverlight 3 might have broken compatibility with Moonlight 1.9.6.  It could just as well be something else on the Mono or Moonlight side too (hopefully not user error :-) ).

I'd like to use the latest of Ipy and the Moonlight Preview of Moonlight 2 to develop against.



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Sorry for the confusion; the IronPython CODEPLEX sources are NOT
buildable with Silverlight 2; the csproj files contain direct
references to silverlight 3 assemblies. So you need to build with
Silverlight 3 installed. However, if you want to ensure the assemblies
still work on Silverlight 2, you'll have to remove the SILVERLIGHT_3
flag; then you install SL2 and test everything out.

You are NOT required to have the silverlight tools installed to build
the ironpython binaries; just the silverlight 3 runtime.

How come you have a SL2 requirement though? You can't download SL2
from the web anymore, and everyones SL2 installs should be prompting
them to update to SL3. SL3 should be entirely backward comaptible, so
I'd like to know the reason your bound to SL2.


On Aug 10, 2009, at 10:15 AM, "Jimmy Schementi" <Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com<mailto:Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com>
 > wrote:

> If you see errors in Stubs, then it's definitely not building in
> "Silverlight Debug" or "Silverlight Release" configurations. I'll get
> the codeplex sources and double check that things are working
> properly, but please make sure your building in the Silverlight
> configuration.
> ~Jimmy
> On Aug 10, 2009, at 9:00 AM, "Scott Scites" <railcar88 at gmail.com<mailto:railcar88 at gmail.com>>
> wrote:
>> I've been unsuccessful at building IronPython 2.6 B2 for a
>> Silverlight 2 environment.  Are there any special requirements other
>> than the Silverlight 2 developer tools for building IPy 2.6 B2 on a
>> vista machine?  I am using the Silverlight Release build and
>> omitting the SILVERLIGHT_3 flag.  Microsoft.Scripting.Core has
>> numerous System library conflict errors related to the stubs.cs.
>> The rest of the errors are related to the inability to find the IPy
>> libraries in the referenced directory.  Those may clear up if I can
>> get past the errors related to stubs.cs.
>> If needed, I can provide specific build error messages...they are
>> unavailable to me at the moment.
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