[IronPython] Moonlight 2/IPy 2.6 B2

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That's great news that IPy 2.6 will be compatible with Moonlight 2 and
Silverlight 3!

The Moonlight build bot link is broken.  My search for an alternative link
is coming up short.



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In my most recent blogpost about IronRuby and Moonlight (
I say this:

Note: the latest Moonlight stable release will not work for IronRuby, you
must install the latest Moonlight build from their build bot:

There were some bugs in Moonlight that they had to work out to get Ruby
working. I believe Python worked as well, but these were "Silverlight Debug"
builds from the IronRuby github source (which includes IronPython) without
the "SILVERLIGHT_3" flag; you're right that building against SL3 broke the
SL2/Moonlight2 compatibility because we now depend on
System.Windows.Deployment.ExtensionPart. I think it makes sence to figure
out a way to have the same binaries work in Silverlight 3 and Moonlight 2
without rebuilding, so I'll make sure to get that in to IronPython 2.6.

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