[IronPython] Microsoft.Scripting, Python and Ruby

Marco Parenzan marco.parenzan at libero.it
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Ivan and Michael,


sorry if I have written bad. I try to rewrite.

Microsoft.Scripting is statically referenced by IPY and IRB. Each IPY and
PRB distribution come with his own Microsoft.Scripting: at the moment, IPY
2.6beta2 has 2.6.907.0, while IRB has 1.0.

Now, I need to host DLR, not specific DLR language, in my application: I’d
like allow my script choosing which language to use for scripting (the
script is contained in an XML file the has an attribute for language

So I’d like to reference in my application the Microsoft .Scripting
assembly, configure app.config with all DLR languages available (not only
IPY and IRB), and implement logic that calls the hosting api selecting the

The question is: which Microsoft.Scripting assembly I have to reference? How
about IPY and IRB updates?


I use this mail to congratulate with you for your books!


                Marco [dot] Parenzan [at] libero [dot] it



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Dear All,


what about coexistent IronPython and IronRuby in the same application (not
passing objects between IronPython to IronRuby and viceversa)?

In detail, I’d like to script my application with either IronPython or
IronRuby: the DLR is here for this!

Where I store locally my scripts (an Xml file) I can save the type of
script, so I can decide on a script base the language.

But with all subsequent releases of IPY and IRB, have always different
Microsoft.Scripting dlls: at the moment, IPY 2.6beta2 has 2.6.907.0, while
IRB has 1.0.

If I statically link Microsoft Scripting dll is a problem: the only solution
I have is to bring IPY and IRB dlls in different folders and dynamically
load the assemblies.

How can be solved this?


Thanks in advance.


                Marco [dot] Parenzan [at] libero [dot] it

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