[IronPython] Performances and Profiling of ReportLab under IronPython

Marco Parenzan marco.parenzan at libero.it
Thu Aug 20 17:18:27 CEST 2009


thanks for tip: it's ok. That's the code:

            __pySearchPaths = new
            __pyEngine = Python.CreateEngine();

            ScriptScope scope = __pyEngine.CreateScope();

            ScriptWriter writer = new ScriptWriter();
            // an helper class I use to write python code in C# code 
            writer.Write("from reportlab.graphics.shapes import Drawing,
            writer.Write("from reportlab.graphics import renderPDF");
            writer.Write("d = Drawing(100, 100)");
            writer.Write("s = String(50, 50, 'Hello world',
            writer.Write(@"renderPDF.drawToFile(d, 'HW.pdf', 'Hello World
            __pyEngine.Execute(writer.Script(false), scope);

About startup time: yes, the first five lines takes 10/11 seconds!
With your tip I have solved my problem, but I don't understand the
difference between IPY and CPython (1 seconds from start to end).


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Imports are specific to a ScriptEngine. When you create a new ScriptScope
through the hosting interface and run "import foo" inside of it, the
standard Python behavior applies -- if "foo" is already in sys.modules, it
won't be imported again. Instead, the name will just be added to the current

When you say "startup time" in this context -- that includes the time it
takes to import the modules?

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