[IronPython] Call methods from Python-Script

Eichhorn, Georg Georg.Eichhorn at philips.com
Wed Aug 26 07:59:31 CEST 2009


I have implemented some piece of code that should execute a python-script. In this script I want to call a c#-function.
First, I Generate a module (context to work in):

 _scriptRuntime.ScriptScope.SetVariable("class", this); ('this' is CClassName')

Then I get the class:

PythonType pType = _scriptRuntime.ScriptScope.GetVariable("CClassName") as PythonType;

Create an instance of the object

_Class = _scriptRuntime.ScriptScope.Engine.Operations.CreateInstance(pType, new object[] { });

[...] (do some other tings)

>From the python script, I want to call the function:

return class.doSomething(parameter)

The code throws an exception:

'CClassName' object has no attribute 'doSomething'.

What am I making wrong? CClassName has a public method doSomething()

Thanks for U're help.

Georg Eichhorn

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