[IronPython] Moving/Copying a PythonFunction to a different scope

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Feb 2 19:54:54 CET 2009

Jeff Slutter wrote:
> My situation is that I have a .py file that defines a function. In this
> function it makes reference to some variables that aren't defined in its
> scope:
> (in a very simple way, it is like this -- a lot more is going on, but it
> isn't relevant)
> import MyModule
> def TestFunction(x):
>   return SomeClass(x).Execute(SomeVar);

When you create a closure in Python it closes over variables in the 
scope in which it was defined (lexical scoping). What you are asking for 
is effectively dynamic scoping.

Even if it is possible to hack something together that works this 
particular structure really goes against the way Python works.

I would council you to try and find another  design.

All the best,

Michael Foord
> Later on, I create a new ScriptScope for my app, and I want to import
> "TestFunction" in to it so I can use it. I'm trying to avoid actually
> executing the .py file that defined it (it would import MyModule into my
> scope and I don't want that for example).
> I *do* compile the .py file when I first encounter it, and I can use
> GetVariable to extract out the TestFunction object (as a PythonFunction).
> Now, when I create my new ScriptScope, I actually define "SomeVar" (it
> is unique to a ScriptScope), the variable used in TestFunction above. If
> I were to SetVariable in my new ScriptScope and set the previously
> extracted TestFunction, it will work -- except "SomeVar" isn't known to
> TestFunction because it was created in a different ScriptScope, that
> didn't have it defined (when I initially loaded the .py file).
> I tried creating a new PythonFunction and passing it a CodeContext and
> the function information from TestFunction to 'copy' it to my new
> ScriptScope - but that functionality threw an exception as not
> implemented (IP 2.0)
> Is there some (multithread safe) way that I can either:
>  a) copy TestFunction to my new ScriptScope and have it run in my scope
>  b) find some way to get SomeVar defined for it (so that if another
> ScriptScope, running in another thread, calls TestFunction, they want
> cross their SomeVar values)
> I *KNOW* this all sounds complicated and crazy, and that there are
> probably cleaner ways of doing this, but based on other restrictions of
> the application, I can not see a way of doing things without doing them
> in this structure (the .py file referenced in this email is actually a
> pseudo "plug-in" to my app, and SomeVar is some state information that I
> need to implicitly pass around into that Execute call).
> I thought maybe something with decorators, but they are done at function
> definition and so I don't think that is of use.
> Thanks,
> -Jeff
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