[IronPython] new to Iron and question.

Glauco Uri glauco.uri at prometeia.it
Tue Feb 3 09:37:06 CET 2009

Rodney Howeedy ha scritto:
> FWIW...
> I had a client-side COM .dll automation file (used by IE browser) that 
> connects to a WCOM server running under JBoss on Linux connecting via 
> JDBC to Oracle on Solaris.
> Once we found iPy, we forged ahead with a single Windows host as the 
> intermediary between our other Unix clients.  No .dll COM automation 
> required on the clients as they all communicate via http to the single 
> IronPython host running the http server.
> The iPy tutorial explains how to convert your .dll COM file using the 
> .NET SDK and import it for use in IronPython.
This is not clear to me, my COM obj is installed over windows, with .NET 
SDK is possible to disassemble and recompile over mono / linux  iron  ?
> We researched your question about COM on Linux and only found defunct 
> projects for COM emulation on Unix.
Yes, this is a problem for me, i  want to eliminate windows installation 
, very espensive to use only fot this COM obj.
> But iPy give you the COM automation in your iPy scripts along with all 
> the Python goodness (e.g. http server, queue server, etc).

yes, i know this solution, if i cannot found any solution for migrating 
in one linux server.

Thank you

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