[IronPython] Announcing IronPython 2.0.1

Marty Nelson Marty.Nelson at symyx.com
Sat Feb 14 00:04:19 CET 2009

I guess one man's feature is another man's dll hell.


We've had lots of problems going from IP 2.0 Beta to IP 2.0.  Running an
installer that wants to put the dll in GAC when there's already that
version there seems to fail.  I've got to guide people through digging
into the GAC and checking the file version to find out they've got the
wrong version.  I thought it was just a beta to release thing, IP 2.0
was not compatible with the IP 2.0 Beta (not that I expect it to), but
what if there are breaking changes and we need to install side-by-side?


Managing policy files and being explicit about versions is a .NET way of
life.  I think maybe you guys have had your heads in the dynamic sand
for too long :-)



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It's an in-place upgrade so you don't need to re-build hosts that were
built against the previous versions of IronPython - they'll just
continue to work.  If we changed the .NET assembly version then you'd
either have to apply policy or rebuild.  The assembly file version is
updated and that's how you can distinguish the two builds.


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Why is the assembly version the same as 2.0?



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Hello Python Community,


I'm pleased to announce the release of IronPython 2.0.1.  IronPython
2.0.1 is a minor update to IronPython 2.0 which in turn is a CPython 2.5
compatible release running under the .NET platform.  Our top priority
for this release was improving upon performance while retaining
backwards compatibility with IronPython 2.0.  One of many notable areas
we've improved upon is that float-integer comparisons are now 74% faster
than they were in 2.0.  A full report documenting changes in interpreter
performance from 2.0 to 2.0.1 can be found at
A special thanks goes out to Resolver Systems for helping us in
identifying areas needing performance improvements. 


In addition to numerous bug fixes in our IronPython 2.6 branch that were
backported to 2.0.1, we also fixed the following CodePlex bugs
specifically for this release:

*         20632:  can't write a __len__ returning a uint

*         20492:  TupleExpression.IsExpandable is internal, should be

*         20605:  Compiling with pyc and PySerial module

*         20616:  wrong TypeError message when invoking "str.join":
implicit parameter 'self' not counted           

*         20623:  InitializeModule needs to add refs to mscorlib/System 

We'd like to thank everyone in the community who contributed to these
bugs: fwereade, Eloff, neraun, and kuno.



You can download IronPython 2.0.1 at:


The IronPython Team

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