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Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
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Any delegate should work for this so I'd suggest Func<object> instead.

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Hi Dino,

Thanks for your reply...

I had to synchronize threads in order to avoid cross-threading operations. I have Ironpython hosted on an aplication with plugins, every time I accessed some form control ( Plugin Form Designer ) I got a cross-thread error, so I needed to invoke that instance.
CallTarget solved my problem... Do you know any other methodology that works better then CallTarget?

Thank you,
António Piteira

2009/2/22 Dino Viehland <dinov at microsoft.com<mailto:dinov at microsoft.com>>

Depending on what you're doing you might be better off using Func<object> instead of CallTarget0.  CallTarget0 is more of a Python implementation detail and could change w/ major IronPython versions - or even be replaced w/ Func<object>.  it's primary purpose is to be the delegate for calling a zero-arg Python function so it could change due to changes in how we implement functions.  Func<object> will always exist and do exactly what it says.  Of course if you are actually doing something w/ calling classes or functions then it's the right thing to use.

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Found the solution...


from IronPython.Compiler import CallTarget0

I was looking in the wrong place.


I've been searching for CallTarget0 and from what I read it should be in Microsoft.Scripting.dll, but when I add the reference to clr and import CallTarget0  from Microsoft.Scripting.dll I get this message:




Cannot import name CallTarget0




Any ideas?

Thank you.

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