[IronPython] ThrowingErrorSink and CompilerContext

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 7 21:59:53 CET 2009

You should be able to just copy and paste throwing error sink into your own version, it's pretty simple:

internal class ThrowingErrorSink : ErrorSink {
        public static new readonly ThrowingErrorSink/*!*/ Default = new ThrowingErrorSink();

        private ThrowingErrorSink() {

        public override void Add(SourceUnit sourceUnit, string message, SourceSpan span, int errorCode, Severity severity) {
            if (severity == Severity.Warning) {
                throw PythonOps.SyntaxWarning(message, sourceUnit, span, errorCode);
            } else {
                throw PythonOps.SyntaxError(message, sourceUnit, span, errorCode);

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Internally, in compile builtin, IronPython creates a CompilerContext like:

new CompilerContext(sourceUnit, opts, ThrowingErrorSink.Default)

But ThrowingErrorSink is internal, what can I do to get a equivalent

This is blocking the _ast module from running on unpatched IronPython.

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