[IronPython] Problem loading IronPython Silverlight app

xkrja kristian.jaksch at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 18:32:50 CET 2009

I don't know if this is the right place for this question but I give it a

I have an IronPython app made for Silverlight 2 and I have problems to get
it to load properly on the web page. There are several JavaScripts in the
HTML-page together with the SL2  and that seems to cause problems. In 30% or
so of the times I start up the application (from VS Web Dev express and
Chiron) the SL2 will not load. The error says:

InitializeError- Invalid or malformed application: Check manifest

As I said, this happens approx 30% of the times I run the web page. I assume
it is because of the Javascript on the page and since it is executed
asynchronously I think it might interfere with the loading of the SL2

So now I want to load the SL2 app using JavaScript instead of the  but I
can't get it to work. My idea is that if I use Javascript to load the SL2
app, then I can configure it to be loaded last and hopefully it won't
interfere with any of the other scripts on the page. Maybe this idea is
completely wrong so please correct me if you think so!

Anyway, my questions:

1) Do I need to pre-build the application's app.xap file in order to load it
with JavaScript? I can't get it to load the app using Javascript if I just
use the "/b" extension in the "start options" of Chiron (in VS Web dev
express). BUT if I use a pre-built .xap file (from another application) it

2) If I need a pre-built .xap-file, how do I do that properly? I tried using 

chiron.exe /x:app/app.xap

and it gives me a .xap-file but it doesn't work. All files seems to be in it
but strangely it doesn't work.

Thanks for any help that can get me on the right track!

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