[IronPython] Odd tracebacks

Dan Eloff dan.eloff at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 20:18:03 CET 2009

This extraneous stack trace seems to happen on every exception. I've
confirmed that it's an IronPython problem, not silverlight. It only
ever consists of these two, and the debugger confirms that they aren't
called on the error path.

at pairwise in game/utils\functions.py, line 46
at __getattr__ in game\models\__init__.py, line 145

It's baffling. I tried again to make a repro, using duplicates of
these two functions, in the same package structure, but failed. I'm
going to try putting break points into the IronPython exception
formatting code and running under the debugger later today. I'd really
appreciate if I had some function names or places where I should put
break points, because I have no idea. I'll have to dig through the
IronPython code for hours to find appropriate places.


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