[IronPython] Stop script execution/unload script

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An alternate plan would be to run your script in another app domain.  Then you can just unload the app domain and all shared state will be cleared.  The hosting APIs make this pretty easy to do as well.

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Your intuition that you're running a kind of script that can be stopped is leading you astray. :)

When you program in IronPython, it's very much like programming in C# -- the objects you create will stay alive until they are garbage collected or the program ends.  So to unhook the delegate from the event, you need to do the same thing from IronPython that you would have done from C#:

Button1.Click -= hello.

I believe that Runtime.Shutdown() will call any "atexit" methods you defined from Python, so you can use this to perform cleanup.
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I've been testing using IronPython as an embedded script language in a small
C# application. I have added some code to a winform buttons Click event with
code like this:

def hello(s, e):
 MessageBox.Show('Clicked ' + s.Name)
Button1.Click += hello;

This works fine, but the problem is that if I modify the script code at
run-time and call:

source = engine.CreateScriptSourceFromString(....);

I suddenly have 2 scripts running at the same time, and the messagebox is
displayed twice.
How should I go about properly stopping/unloading the first instance of the
script so only the latest script will be executed?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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