[IronPython] slow import time

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
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Precompilation (see the pyc.py sample) + ngen is the best story here right now.  The time is mostly spent compiling IL to native code.  We're also working on fixing that on our side (which hopefully will make it into 2.6, but it's available in the source drops today under the -X:AdaptiveCompilation command line option).  Other big costs include reflection (we do a lot of it) and creating new base types for subclasses of .NET types - both of which we also hope to try and address for the next release.

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I know it must be a recurrent question. But why IronPython startup time is so long ?
I have a Winforms App that takes around 15s to start. The first import starts at about 10s,
so importing modules takes about 5 seconds.

I Know that the 10 first seconds seem to be incompressible... But is there something I
should do or not do to reduce the import time ?

Thank you.

Renaud Durand
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