[IronPython] Two engines and clr.AddReference don't work together.

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 30 19:53:42 CET 2009

You're right that it worked in 1.0 - but of course in 1.0 we would also end up with an arbitrary ordering between engines.  For example you could have:

Engine 1:
	Sys.path = C:\
		Contains "Foo.dll"

Engine 2:
	Sys.Path = D:\
		Contains "Foo.dll"

Which Foo.dll gets loaded? :)  Unfortunately we don't necessarily know what engine is actually making the request.  We can certainly go back to the 1.0 behavior in the mean time but I believe this will be truly fixed when we get better control over this in some future version of the CLR.

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Having two engines in the same AppDomain causes interesting behaviour
when trying trying to add references.

Only the sys.path of the first engine that was created seems to be taken
into account when calling clr.AddReference, the second sys.path is ignored.

for more details and a repro.

Tom Wright
Resolver Systems Ltd.
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