[IronPython] Bazaar on IronPython

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 2 20:00:39 CEST 2009

Martin wrote:

> However I don't see any information on the site about how you want
> fixes provided, and messages likes this:
> <http://lists.ironpython.com/pipermail/users-ironpython.com/2009-
> April/010114.html>
> seem to imply that not only can you not take submissions, but you
> can't even look at them? Perhaps an entry in the faq addressing this
> would make things clearer.

Yeah, unfortunately we can't accept changes back.  :(  Adding an entry
to the FAQ on this sounds like a good idea.  In the mean time good bug
reports like this are a tremendous help.

> Don't want to make your lives harder, so for the moment will just say
> what and where:
> * Even non re.RE_Pattern objects shouldn't confuse warnings filtering
> (Regression in IronPython 2.6 beta 1) (too crazy for a bug entry)

Are you just saying that we have a bug in our re implementation which is
breaking warning filtering?

> * Require the zlib module [workitem:2590] (other missing or broken
> modules not as crucial)

Hopefully Jeff Hardy's zlib fills the gap here as we don't have any
immediate plans to implement this (the underlying .NET implementation
simply isn't sufficient to build upon).

> * Making sys._getframe equal to None by default in 2.6 beta 1 lead to
> a happier logging module but a sadder doctest module.

Yeah, we actually want to patch the std lib for handling _getframe more
consistently.  We're working w/ our lawyers to make sure we can submit
the changes back to CPython though.

> * The third argument to file should work as a keyword as well as
> positionally [workitem:23347]
> * The abspath function should not throw even for invalid windows
> paths. Or, if it's going to throw, it shouldn't spell 'pecified'
> without the 'S'. Fixed post-2.6 beta 1 by the workaround in
> nt._getfullpathname? (going by the code in
> IronPython_Main/Src/IronPython.Modules/nt.cs)
> * Removing a read-only file should raise an error with errno set to
> EACCES [workitem:23348] also related to [workitem:13702]
> * Removing a open file should raise an error with errno set to EACCES
> [workitem:23349] also related to [workitem:13702]
> * A buffer object should be directly writable to a cStringIO object
> [workitem:23350]
> * Opening an existing file with the O_CREAT should succeed
> [workitem:19310] (problem at FileModeFromFlags in
> IronPython_Main/Src/IronPython.Modules/nt.cs) CreateNew is the
> analogue of (O_CREAT | O_EXCL), just O_CREAT should be OpenAlways.
> Likewise, the O_TRUNC flag is not being correctly combined in there.

These should all be simple to fix - 19310 is the only one that has me
a little bit worried but hopefully it's not the issue I'm thinking of.
I'll probably dig into these early next week.

> * The mbcs codec for decoding windows 'ansi' strings should exist
> [workitem:23351]

I recently got started on some mbcs support so maybe this will be the
reason to finish that off.

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