[IronPython] Bazaar on IronPython

Martin (gzlist) gzlist at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 2 21:25:58 CEST 2009

On 02/07/2009, Dino Viehland <dinov at microsoft.com> wrote:
>> * Even non re.RE_Pattern objects shouldn't confuse warnings filtering
>> (Regression in IronPython 2.6 beta 1) (too crazy for a bug entry)
> Are you just saying that we have a bug in our re implementation which is
> breaking warning filtering?

No, it's far more obscure than that. Bazaar replaces re.compile with a
function that returns objects that behave like pattern objects but are
really wrappers. It's not exactly a common use case I think you should
be rushing to support. :)

>> * Making sys._getframe equal to None by default in 2.6 beta 1 lead to
>> a happier logging module but a sadder doctest module.
> Yeah, we actually want to patch the std lib for handling _getframe more
> consistently.  We're working w/ our lawyers to make sure we can submit
> the changes back to CPython though.

That sounds like the most sensible option by far.

>> * Opening an existing file with the O_CREAT should succeed
>> [workitem:19310] (problem at FileModeFromFlags in
>> IronPython_Main/Src/IronPython.Modules/nt.cs) CreateNew is the
>> analogue of (O_CREAT | O_EXCL), just O_CREAT should be OpenAlways.
>> Likewise, the O_TRUNC flag is not being correctly combined in there.

Whoops, OPEN_ALWAYS is actually OpenOrCreate in dot net speak.

> These should all be simple to fix - 19310 is the only one that has me
> a little bit worried but hopefully it's not the issue I'm thinking of.
> I'll probably dig into these early next week.

It may not be possible to get perfect emulation of the C way of
opening files with System.IO but fixing the flags looks right on the

Thanks for looking over all these little issues.


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