[IronPython] Running SPSS application from IronPython

Mohammad Tayseer m_tayseer82 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 7 11:11:10 CEST 2009

It depends how the spss module itself is implemented, e.g. if it's a Python module it can be imported easily, but if it's a C module you can write a wrapper around it using ctypes.

 Mohammad Tayseer

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No spss module is not  a C-extension , I believe that part of it is implemented using java.
At the begining of my module I add the following lines :

import sys



import spss      ----> this line that throws the exception.
I'm running the module from IronPython Studio.
Sarah Abdelrazak

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:40 AM, Brian Curtin <brian.curtin at gmail.com> wrote:

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:22, Sarah Abdel Razak <sabdelrazak at symbyo.com> wrote:
>Thanks for your reply I just knew that spss Python plugin has to be built for specific Python implementations.
>> Unfortunately it does not support IronPython.
>>Sarah Abdelrazak
>Even though they don't support it, it will probably still work. Is this SPSS module a C-extension or does it involve C-extensions? Have you tried what Michael suggested? 
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