[IronPython] Problem with Creating Executable using SharpDevelop

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 10 18:03:58 CEST 2009

In general you need IronPython to be present to run IronPython apps - even
if they're compiled.  And IronPython will need to be next to the app
unless IronPython has been installed into the GAC (which we do not
do by default).  Also you probably want to include IronPython.Modules.dll
as well in addition to the DLLs you have here.  I imagine at some point
in the future we could add some sort of tree shaking compiler support
that links in IronPython w/ the app but we're a ways off from making
that a priority.

The SharpDevelop specific question I'm less sure about.

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> Hello,
> I created a simple program with a few buttons, checkboxes, textboxes,
> etc. and it worked fine. The form was created in the latest
> SharpDevelop beta version (Version : Then I compiled the
> solution. In the release folder there were these files:
> IronPython.dll
> ManningsSolver.dll
> ManningsSolver.exe
> Microsoft.Scripting.Core.dll
> Microsoft.Scripting.dll
> Microsoft.Scripting.ExtensionAttribute.dll
> When tried on two computers with IronPython installed and with the
> source code files, the program worked. But it failed on another
> computer that does not have these. And error message was very
> generic .NET error. I don't exactly remember what it was. Is this
> normal?
> Btw, since I have SharpDevelop installed, do I have to install
> IronPython in order to write programs in IronPython? Or does it matter
> which version of IronPython I install. The answer seems to be "No"
> because I see those .dll files for IronPython in this folder "C:
> \Program Files\SharpDevelop\3.0\AddIns\AddIns\BackendBindings
> \PythonBinding" which are dated Feb 2009. Guess they're not the
> latest.
> Thanks,
> Kelie
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